Aircare AF+

Controlled ventilation and air filtration.

Thesan Aircare AF+

Why Aircare AF+?

Aircare AF+ helps to guarantee proper air exchange in residential buildings, offices, hotels and schools, whether newly constructed or after remodelling.

Proper air exchange, without the need for heat recovery, suitable for all climates with moderate cold (climactic zones A-B-C), ensures that the relative humidity in the home is kept under control, eliminating the risk of condensation, mould and fungus, with extremely low energy consumption and adequate air quality.

The air quality

Aircare AF+ includes a double filter that eliminates up to 98% of particulates of 2.5 ɲm and all PM 10 ɲm, together with pollen, dust mites, spores and bacteria larger than 0.4 ɲm.

Aircare AF+ helps to eliminate excess CO² in the environment, as well as excess relative humidity, dilutes VOCs, and eliminates radon risk. The input filter is a double F8+G4 filter, which can be accessed and inspected easily.
Come funziona Thesan Aircare AF+ per filtrare e depurare l'aria
Il risparmio di energia con Thesan Aircare AF+

The energy savings

When windows are opened to exchange air, as is done traditionally, pollutants enter the house and more heat may be dispersed than is desired. With Aircare AF+ none of this happens.

Thanks to proprietary software and appropriate sensors, the amount of air needed for adequate exchange is guaranteed, while electricity consumption is minimised, based on the internal and external temperature and relative humidity values, as well as the option for CO² values.

The comfort

Aircare AF+ works perfectly with all heating and air conditioning systems found in the house or designed for new buildings.

Thanks to its low capacity and air speed, air exchange is guaranteed without users noticing anything in terms of noise and heat effects. Aircare AF+ can be installed in any corner of the room, in any way or position, and is extremely easy to control, use and maintain.
Il comfort con Thesan Aircare AF+
Telecomando Thesan Aircare AF+

Remote control

To manage the various Aircare AF+ operating speeds, a simple and practical 3 button remote control is available, for the following functions:
Speed increase/decrease
Anti-ice function


Aircare AF+ has a clean design, thanks to the unmistakeable Pininfarina style. This is why it can easily fit into any architectural design.
Il design di Thesan Aircare AF+

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